Lesovik - knife for the woods.

This is a knife, that was made for the Russian bushcraft forum Bushcraftru.com, inspired by the model of Lars Fält - the expert of Sweden for survival in the wild. His model, made from Stefan Aberg is with flat grind and secondary edge. My modification has slightly bigger blade - 12.5cm, and convex edge, with 304 steel buttcap - welded to handle for the first knives, that I made for the forum. (I no longer make the buttcap version.) Each blade was labeled with a link of the forum, steel grade and my logo. Forum members agreed that the knife should have a name. Name that the knife had was Lesovik. In translation from russian: A man who lives and knows life in the forest. Later I continued to do this model, which seem to be liked by many people. The first knives were from RWL34, but I made a few of 1.2510 (O1) and 1.2379 (D2), and several blades for knife enthusiasts that wanted to make the handle themselves .

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