Spartan blades.

Blade, made of carbon steel 65G with zonal hardening with clay, apllyed on the back of the blade. Thickness of 5.5 mm on the spine. Handle wraped with paracord and impregnated with epoxy resin. Sheath Boltaron. Knife is inspired by Japanese knife aykushi, and is ment to be a versatile tool for outdoor activities, if you could take just one tool with you. This is description of one of many knives from my Spartan blades line.  Suitable for throwing because of his weight and lack of handle scales, able to be attached to a stick like a spear or a tool for cutting with a larger handle. The most simple and basic maintenance blade. Hardness is about 58 HRC. I made several models with this concept, suitable for camping,  throwing, as well as for military purposes, with the angled tip of the handle for striking and breaking glass. This type of knives in the future will be made by me in small series with different designs, grinds and steels. Most of them with sheaths, made of Kydex or Boltaron.